State-of-the-Art Technology

The O-arm® Imaging System is used by our physicians to obtain complete, multi-dimensional, intra-operating surgical imaging. The system provides surgeons with real-time, three-dimensional images, as well as multi-plane, two-dimensional and fluoroscopic imaging. Because physicians can monitor surgery and verify surgical changes accurately before the patient leaves the surgical suite, patients may experience less-invasive surgeries, faster recovery times and improved outcomes.

O-arm® Technology Now Available

O-arm® Complete Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System

  • Ahead of the Curve
  • Accurate Data for Better Decisions
  • Less Invasive, More Effective

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Brain & Spine Surgery Associates is one of only a few hospitals worldwide that offer O-arm® Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System technology. This revolutionary scanning system combines the best features of C-arm technology with intraoperative 3-D imaging and navigation.

With the new O-arm imaging system, our team of neurosurgeons can obtain a 360º scan, as well as a multi-plane 2-D and fluoroscopic images.

Intraoperative imaging, coupled with navigation, enables your surgeon to provide you with the best possible care. The key to this technology is the delivery of critical information during each phase of your surgical experience – potentially reducing the need for repeat surgery.

For patients, O-arm® System technology may mean smaller incisions, faster recovery times and better surgical outcomes.

“The O-arm® System takes a complex surgery and makes it seem routine.” – Christopher S. Kent, MD